Procedura e apelit

Students should have access to fair and reliable assessment in which s/he plays a full part. If this ‘access’ opportunity is to be meaningful the candidate must have the right to appeal against assessment decisions that are unclear or seem unfair. The Appeals Procedure is required to provide an appropriate audit trail of the process and be clearly logged with concise detailed information at each stage. If a candidate is dissatisfied with an assessment decision then they must have a right of appeal.

The Programme Teaching Officer is assigned by the Head of Department not directly involved with subject delivery. The Officer reviews all evidence and assessment records in order to consider the appeal. A decision should be made within 5 working days and the candidate and Examiner must be informed orally and in writing. If the candidate is dissatisfied with the decision, the appeal proceeds to the final stage.

The second stage involves the right of appeal to the Department Appeals Panel. The Teaching Officer passes all records. The Head of Department convenes the Appeals Panel (Head of Department, Alternative Department Professor, Independent Professor). Both the candidate and Assessor are invited to make their case to the Panel. The Panel reaches its decisions within 10 working days.If either party is dissatisfied with the decision, the procedure reaches the final stage – submission in writing to the Academic Council Appeals Committee. The Committee after having consulted all the evidence, reaches a decision. Results of the AC appeal are final.