Students Workload

The normal study load is 30 ECTS per semester. The students must obtain – to retain the student status – at least 45 ECTS. The distribution of studies between semesters is planned in three-year cycles, so as to provide each student with the entire range of electives during three years of study. The electives are distributed evenly, two or three per semester. Compulsory courses will be repeated annually. According to the Regulation for the Organization of Studies there are three forms of study: contact studies, practice and independent work. Contact studies are lectures, seminars, e-courses, practical work or another form of study indicated in the course programme where teachers and students participate simultaneously. As a rule lecture is aimed towards providing theoretical knowledge while seminars and practical work are aimed towards teaching practical application of theoretical knowledge obtained during lectures. Contact studies normally do not exceed 15 study hours per one credit point. Practice is the training that takes place under directions of a supervisor in a working environment. 

The content and procedures for practice are established in Practice Guide. Independent work includes independent tasks, application of obtained knowledge, problem solving, preparing presentations, reading texts on the recommended reading list, preparing written tasks etc.