Today, speaking in public is an essential step for any leader or decision maker at various levels. However, this  step is not easy. For this reason, you should know how to tame your nerves and stress to pass this test. But this  is not enough. It would still succeed, to convey emotion, create a bit of humour and convincing.However, the      communication experts offer several tips for being a good speaker.That’s why; I would like to share with you  some of my tricks.

 When you speak in public, you feel defeated by the jitters: how can you solve this problem?

 The jitters are not necessary disabilities. It could be used as an energy source. Normally, it precedes the  transition to speaking in public. A good start of speech can make you disappear, the jitters.
It is advisable in this case, to breathe, and to relax, to get rid of the jitters.
How to use breathing to successfully speaking in public?
There are three types of breaths: clavicular, thoracic, and abdominal.Abdominal breathing is the one recommended for oral expression, proclaimed or sung. Inhale air into your abdomen and exhale the thence to make rest your speech.
As for relaxation, how can it be useful?
Relaxation is a clear interaction between gestures and speech.
When properly used, it does prevent stray voltages that hinder our expression and our freedom of movement.
More the body is open, more the speech flows with ease.

How to prepare before speaking in public?

Three rules to remember at this level are:
Visualization: Try to visualize what will happen; imagine spirit to speak to your audience. This allows you to anticipate difficulties.
Self-Motivation: you must say "yes, I can." You need to give you the strength and necessary courage to do so.

Identify the starter emotion: you must imagine and determine the teachable moments of your speech where you can touch the public.In addition, you must "be the show. "Say, "the show, it's me."

You should not hide behind your speech. Agree that the public is watching you. Do not run away his eyes. Look at the back. Impose your presence. Show that you're there and you're not afraid to stand before them.Never forget that your audience has an appointment with you; so show that you are present at the appointment.However, speaking in public does not just mean talking. A little silence between words could allow your audience to breathe. Silence is a great way to catch his breath. This is not only a tool for the public to breathe.It is also a barometer of the attention of your audience.Scoring short break, you get to know if your audience is attentive or not.

Finally, don't forget, that speaking in public is like dancing: it takes a bit of patience, attention, motivation and a pinch of passion. The results will ensue, inevitably.

Dieudonné ALLEY
Communication Coach
ECK expert network / France